Golden Eagle Resort

Golden Eagle Resort
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Too expensive for what it is!

, Beloeil, QC
2 adults, 2 nights in a fireplace and whirlpool suite.
First of all, the “supposed” suite looked more like a simple big room, no further luxury. It was right next to the breakfast restaurant so the noise started at 6h00 AM each morning (restaurant opens at 7h00, but employees where there working from 6h00). Noisy enough to wake us up and preventing us to fall back to sleep. It's rather deceiving when your principal goal going away from home is to get some rest and sleep late.
Also, we had to wash the whirlpool ourselves because there was some left over body hair, hair and a great big ring inside the tub. It was an old tub and some black stuff came out of the faucet each time we tried to fill the tub (kind of like black sand with larger chunks). Not tempting at all.
We also washed the toilet bowl because there was splashes of dried urine on it…no comment. The toilet needed 2-3 flushes every time for everything to be “disposed of”.
There was no plastic hygienic bag in the ice bucket (seeing the cleanliness of the rest of the room, we weren't very confident to put ice in the bucket and then in our drinks).
The hotel common spa was out of order.
At 8h15 AM in the morning, there was already a note on the door mentioning that the housekeeper came and that the sign “do not disturb” was on the door knob so no service that day (although, it was possible to ask for more towels and a trash change if desired).
The “highlight” of the weekend was the fireplace. It was easy to provide ourselves with all the wood we needed. Unfortunately, the window was very cloudy (goes with the rest of the household I guess).
So if you choose to book this hotel, know that the place isn't that clean, that some furniture might not work as expected, and also that the decoration is a bit outdated (you'll feel like back in 1990!). There are probably better options in Stowe… [Details]
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The strong points
The real wood fireplace
The weak points
-Lack of cleanleness -noisy -much to expensive

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