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#16 Aston At The Maui Banyan
#16 Aston At The Maui Banyan
United States
9 reviews
My review is based on room G403. From the moment you enter the room, the stench of mold suffocates you. The stench is everywhere: in the main living area, the bedrooms, the bathrooms. You open the kitchen cupboards and the smell is etched in all the kitchenware. I made myself some tea and, although I washed the mug before, I could not taste it because of the mold. It was hard to sleep at night and, once I woke up, the smell kept me up. I travelled in May for a week with my parents, as their guest. I could expect a place like this in a third world country, but not in North America. How could such a mold-infested apartment pass inspection? My mom has a mold allergy and got sick there and required strong antibiotics and puffers (a first for her). We told the front desk and they offered to give us a room on the ground floor. However, when my mom booked it, the only request she had was that it wouldn't be on the ground floor (due to noise and safety issues). To add insult to injury, the hotel management sent an inspection (after we left) and found nothing wrong! The report concerns itself with thermal testing but there is no mention at all of mold (although you can see it and we have pictures to prove it). We could have overlooked the dated furniture and décor; the sticky-looking dressers in the master bedroom; the fact that there is no cleaning during the week, except changing of towels. However, we could not overlook the mold. It is a serious health hazard for anybody with an underlying issue, and both my mom and I had trouble breathing and getting rest because of it.

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