Waikiki Shore By Outrigger

Waikiki Shore By Outrigger
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, Olds, AB
The room itself was quite good. It was well-furnished with stainless steel appliances and a memory foam bed. The couch and dining room set were comfortable and appropriate and the bathroom was nice and functional. The mirror on the wall of the balcony allowed us to see the beach and ocean from our room, but we were on the second floor which caused some problems. There are several restaurants on the ground floor of the building, the smells from said restaurants were often carried on the ocean breeze to our room so we didn't use the balcony much. Also, our room faced the park, but also the public access to the beach. Evidently, people like to access the beach at all hours of the day and night and we could hear them quite clearly when we were trying to sleep. Also, the other side of our room faced the back of another hotel. The Outrigger Reef hotel has its service entrances adjacent to the Castle Waikiki Shore and we heard a lot of clatter early in the morning and later at night because of that. Some of this noise would have been blocked out by the A/C unit had we turned it on sooner. [Details]
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The strong points
Right on the beach and well-appointed
The weak points
Noisy and smelly

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