Grand Legacy At The Park

Grand Legacy At The Park
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Great location, decent rooms, unfriendly staff

, Aldergrove, BC
Most likely would stay here again. Great location and rooms are what I expected, Clean and good size for families. Pool is great. One of the staff members was very accommodating and friendly when we needed to move rooms due to a broken bathroom door. The rest of the staff unfortunately were not very friendly at all, in fact I felt disregarded and ignored most of the time. But for the price and location I can say we would stay there again. [Details]
  • Room
  • Quality - Price
  • Front desk & Reception
  • Location
  • Bathroom
  • Staff / Crew
  • Cleanliness
  • Food & Restaurants
The strong points
Location and pool. Rooms were very clean. One of the front desk staff had very good customer service skills and was very accommodating when we needed to change rooms due to a broken bathroom door.
The weak points
Some staff were quite impersonable and felt disregarded by them when talking to most of them.

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