Le Domaine Beach Resort And Spa

Le Domaine Beach Resort And Spa
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Overal a good experience

, Saint-Laurent, QC
I will start by saying that on my way to St-Martin, on the plane we got assigned two seats not very close to each other. As a funny thing both seats were leaking water from the A/C. And I'm not talking about one drop every 30 seconds, nor 20 nor 10, but every second. When the plane was almost landing it almost started raining. It was intensive. Thanks God we were getting to a hot place. I showed my pants to the flight attendants when I left the plane but I got a sorry and this is normal, is A/C from the air conditioning. I DID NOT WANT to argue with them and start bad my vacation so I just continued walking. At the airport all good, we got the last two seats into the first bus, so we left right away (people were waiting for about 15-20 minutes for the bus to get full). Bus driver was very nice and polite. At the hotel we arrived and the check in was done pretty quick. I had asked for a higher floor room when I booked if possible but at the hotel they said they had no such notes. Room was nice and clean, I've seen better , but overall it was good. 80% of the staff was very friendly and nice.I have to admit as well that the problem comes from the management, because they do not hire enough stuff so sometimes at the bar you have to wait 3-4-7-8 minutes for a drink. I heard that this hotel just got transformed into an "all inclusive" so there are still a lot of things to be fixed, which I think is normal. At the bar you have a list with drinks that you can have free of charge and a list with other drinks that you have to pay for. The stuff will let you know as well before you order in general. Linda, Nicolas, Delphine were adorable. Food was ok. 5 or 6 types of salads the whole week we stayed there and pretty much the same food every day (lunch and supper) , except 1 or 2 plates , that are different. There are two places were you can eat, the buffet and a restaurant. For the restaurant there are only two nights included for free and YOU NEED reservation. You can eat every single night but you have to pay. Food is amazing there,really good. There is almost no "action" at the hotel, all older couples, 50 , so by 11 pm there is nobody around anymore. Bar closes at 12, but sometimes even at 11, because since 10 pm there is nobody around. Rent a car is pretty cool if you like to visit the island and eat at different places. Every Tuesday there is a "festival" at night at Grand Case a 10 minutes drive by car place. The beach is nice but most of the time there are a lot of stones, so just be a bit careful when you go into water. [Details]
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The strong points
Nice clean beaches and very nice little island.
The weak points
Not enough staff, food variety needs to be improved.

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