Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Rst

Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Rst
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The worst 4.5* I have ever been.

, Coquitlam, BC
Wow, I do not even know, where to start. I need to mention that there was 8 adults and 7 kids in my group and all of us have the same feelings about this hotel. One is for sure: we would not come back to Pueblo Bonito hotels.
Maybe the pros first. The hotel is on a beautiful beach, close to many beach activities- of course not organized by the hotel. The rooms are all ocean view and big enough. When the maid actually came in to clean our room, it was clean. (Even though I had ant problem this time. I did not even bother to go to the office about it since I know it happens in Mexico. ) The hotel is very close to the marina, maybe 15 min to walk, where you can spend all evenings and afternoons if you wish. I think that's all pros I could find.
Food should've been all inclusive, but many of things were extra charge. (Some restaurants, snacks, drinks.)
Breakfast buffet, is ok, but not too many choices. There was once breakfast, different than others that really surprised up. They even asked all of the guests how they liked the breakfast. We were very happy with this until we found out that that was only because new guests were coming and it was for advertising. All the other days were mediocre.
We usually ate lunch at the pool bar. I can say it was good food, but service terrible. Every time you have to wait at least half an hour for someone to serve you. And then at least 1 hour for the food. And at the end they brought something you did not order. Even for drinks you had to wait 20-30 min. And no, there were not lots of the guests there.
The worst was the dinner buffet. No choice at all. On the first night when we came I could not believe that there is almost nothing to choose from. After two days we decided to go to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Hotel for dinners. Not too much choices as well but at least there was pizza for kids, sushi and ice cream. The one thing about deserts was that for ice-cream you could only have TWO SCOOPS PER PERSON. In our hotel there was not snack for the kids at all during the day. I do not know about The Rose or Sunset, since I did not check those hotels for lunch or snack, but I guess the Rose was similar to Blanco. The Sunset is 20 min to drive so who wants to spend the vacations driving for every meal to other hotel. And even if you go there, many of snacks were for extra charge, so it was cheaper to go to the store to buy something for kids.
Service was terrible, terrible, and terrible. You needed to wait so long for everything. This was ridiculous. They were taking orders from us and disappearing. There were only two waitresses that were reliable to ask for orders. ( Daniel and one more but I do not remember the name. They were really great and seemed really kind and hardworking.) Many of them did not even know the English so how we can expect them to take the orders.
Rooms were cleaned daily, but ours was always cleaned around 5 pm, when we had to prepare for dinner. And of course, nothing special for us was done in the room. I was leaving the tips for the first three days and then I decided not to. The tips are for something extra, which was not done by our maid. For few days, we could not even stay during the day in the room since the stench of chemicals was repulsive. The hotel decided to paint the room next to ours and all the smells of paint flooded our rooms.
At the pool, there was only two activities that we saw, and we were at the pool every single day! On the last day of our stay, my husband found the lady who was responsible for day activities. He told her that it was ridiculous. After the argument, she was said that the activities are in other sister hotel and she put on the net for water ball. No music on the pool, no aerobics, no dance lessons, no entertainment crew as it is in any other 3.5* all-inclusive hotel. Nothing happened at all. The same went for the beach. Thank God, there were some other companies that organized some activities. In the hotel you needed to pay for even to use the tennis court.
No kids club, unlike they have it in advertisement. Actually, they have the room, but no one is there and it is always closed. They will probably ask you to use the Rose kids club, but if we would like to use the Rose Hotel at all the time, we would rather buy our vacations there- the stay was cheaper. The hotel is definitely not for kids- no attractions for kids and no attractions for their parents. For whole week, there were only two shows in the hotel. I do not want to say good or bad since everyone has different taste. Every bar is closed at 10:30 pm. So if you want to have a drink or coffee with your friends, there is no room to put the kids in to check on them once a while. Actually, there is no place to go to have a good coffee at all during the day. To get latte coffee, you have to be lucky to meet Daniel who can do it for you and not even at all times. We were lucky that we went there with group of 15. Otherwise it would be total disaster. Before I bought the vacations with my friends, we were checking all review in many website. I do not understand the 4.5 or 5 * people are giving to those hotels. Who is giving those stars? What are the rules to give 5* to hotel that does not have anything. This is cheating the people who want to spend nice vacations paying a lot and wasting. We were talking to other guests about the hotel, and believe me I do not understand the rating. I trusted trip advisor a lot, and I believe I was cheated. The hotel at the cheapest time was $1797.85 per adult and the average is about $ 2250. We were complaining after the first night to the company we came with , but they did not want to move us to different hotel, as it is done by other vacations companies. But they just ignored us. This is the first time, I am writing such critical review. Hopefully, it will open eyes to those who want to book those Pueblo Bonito hotels in the future. At least they will know what to expect at those hotels. My friends and I know for sure, WE are NOT returning there. [Details]
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The strong points
The hotel is on a beautiful beach with lots of water activities that are expensive but at least they are. The rooms are all ocean view and big that give you space. Localization is perfect. Close to marina, restaurants and shopping that you can enjoy.
The weak points
1.Many drinks or food are additional charge. No snacks at the pool, ice cream, or kids club. 3. No pool activities (one in the week). No music or dance. 4. Very bad service at the restaurant. Not choice in food for dinner in the buffet. No latte or cappu

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