Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos

Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos
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Not the best

, Fort Saskatchewan, AB
We stayed here 11/25/2019-12/02/2019
When we arrived the front desk was friendly and efficient.
Then we were immediately bombarded by the sales team to come to view their new time share, which was annoying, he would not let us leave for over 30 min and we just wanted to settle into our room.
We were all inclusive so the small things like the mini bar was to be stocked, when we got to our room it had a bag full of water in the fridge, we called the font desk 5 times before they finally sent someone over to fill it, every single day we called down and asked them to re-stock the mini bar and it was never stocked again after the first day, we called down numerous times, we went to the front desk etc... it was annoying because we paid to have it included and they could care less.

The sushi bar is now a taco bar, we went to sit at the bar one night for dinner and drinks and were greeted by the rudest waitress, she could care less that we were there, I asked to order food and she said it would take 1.5 hours for a pizza, ok fine. So we sat at the bar and waited forever for drinks and food, while watching table after table get their food even people who got there after us, over 3 hours later it finally came. Once she found out we were all inclusive she could care less about serving us. We did not go back to the taco bar the rest of the trip because of her.
The service at the pool bars was great.

De Cortez was our favorite, the service was impeccable and fast. On our third trip back we were not even seated yet and our regular drinks were waiting for us when we sat down, the food was great and the service was even better.

After the big rain we did need to move rooms because it was raining through our walls which was not their fault, the amount of rain was insane but they were very unorganized in getting us a new room, and getting the luggage there.

We asked a few times where we should go and what we should see while we were there and nobody seemed to want to help us out.

It really seems that once they found out we were all inclusive that they really didn't care about us. [Details]
  • Room
  • Quality - Price
  • Front desk & Reception
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  • Location
  • Bathroom
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The strong points
De Cortez was the only strong point
The weak points
Taco bar service was terrible

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