Los Cabos

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#4 Hacienda Encantada Resort
#4 Hacienda Encantada Resort
Los Cabos
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Hacienda Encantada
This is an experience of a lifetime staying here. The hotel pays homage to its Mexican heritage in the finest ways possible. The Macias family with Gabriel Macias as CEO and Founder has done nothing short of miracles here. The resort itself is set cliff side in Cabo San Lucas about 6km from downtown overlooking Lands End. Every single room and restaurant has Lands End views and it is just stunning. The decor in this resort is where it REALLY shines. It is a Mexican experience to just be here amongst the furnishings and pictures and paintings. The Macias family has laid the blueprint for others to follow. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING has been left out here. There is even a mission church on site that looks right out of a Zorro movie and authentic in every detail. This resort is a treat for the eyes and the senses. The staff couldn't be more on point with asking if you need help and attending to your EVERY detail. Restaurants here finely appointed with wonderful decor as well finely staffed and service is top notch. The food at all restaurants wide and varied with top notch menus in each of the 5 al a carte restaurants and three pool side grill restaurants for each of its three pools. The grill side restaurants attached to each pool are outstand ing in their right. Nothing here has been left to chance and more over this resort will leave you each morning waking up to the views of Lands End feeling like you are in a dream world. This resort is an experience not to missed in coming to Cabo San Lucas.

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