The Tower By Temptation Cancun 21 Plus

The Tower By Temptation Cancun 21 Plus
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Awesome Resort with some Bumps

, Kanata, ON
Trip was a package from one of the big companies. For some reason they scheduled us to leave Ottawa at 4pm of course they left late so arrived in Cancun late approx 9:20 pm. The transportation included was late as well approximately 20 more minutes. When on the plane there was instructions to head through the airport as efficiently as possible and go the transportation area. The van we were in was supposed to have 3 couples. 2 of the 3 were there before the pick up was. When the pickup arrived we got in and now waited for the final couple to arrive (They were on the same flight) that took another 30-40mins and we have no clue why they were so late.
Now we set off to the resort. It is supposed to be a 20 min drive. Around 20 mins in and we aren't at any of the three resorts we are going to I look at my GPS and our transport is heading towards the bottom of the hotel zone instead of the 20 minute drive it took close to an hour and a half as there was lots of traffic as it was a Friday night and road construction. All the drop offs were withing 5 mins of each other at the top part of the hotel zone.
Arrival finally 11:30 pm.
Head to check in counter start the process.
Sign all the papers pay the taxes as well as the hotel $400US deposit. Get given our bracelets. I ask if the bracelets also gives us acess to the sky bar on the top of the resort as per what was included in our booking. The clerk said no we had the basic room. I had book a Bash Tower Ocean view room which included some extras like access to the sky bar on the roof of the resort. The clerk told me I was booked in a regular plush room. I had to show my booking papers to prove what I paid for (a difference of $400 per person for the week) The clerk then told us they had no room for us and that they would have to down grade us for the night and the next night they would have an upgraded room for us for the rest of the trip. I won't drag on as it took them awhile to make it right with us and took away from the vacation experience a bit because we kept having tot talk to different people/managers etc. In the end they made it right. Now with that out of the way on to the rest!
This resort is Awesome!
Clean, Fun, High energy with a relaxing area as well.
Food is very good. The entertainment staff is very good and made the days very enjoyable.
This resort isn't what all the rumors say it is.
It is adult oriented with fun adult games. It has a sexy and risque feel but does not cross the line. It has something for everyone and let's you relax be yourself. There are people of lol sorts there and it's a judge free environment
It is topless optional with no pressure to join in if that's not your thing but you will see skin.
The staff here for the most part except for some of the management not getting back to us about how they would fix the mistake and make it right were great, friendly and always trying to make your experience the best I can be. Shout out to Lucy at the concierge desk who went above and beyond to make this vacation awesome. She listened to our issues and took care of everything to make it right with us. Without her effort this review might have been different.
The other people vacationing at the resort were very cool as well. Fun atmosphere with a great vibe to it.
All in all it's a great resort with lots to offer and lots of fun. High energy good food etc.. [Details]
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  • Beaches
  • Location
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The strong points
Clean and bright etc.. Friendly staff Good food. High energy. Nice rooms Fun activities. Adult oriented
The weak points
Booked room class wasn't available when we arrived. Downgraded to room with no toilet seat and no water or drinks in the fridge. When pushed to make up for their mistake we got ignored except for Lucy at concierge.

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