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#10 Azul Beach Resort Negril
#10 Azul Beach Resort Negril
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Overall, would NOT recommend this resort - we are very seasoned travellers and to be honest, this ranks as one of the worst resorts we stayed at for a multitude of reasons. 1. Room / accommodation: we booked an ocean view with 2 Queen size beds. We got an obstructed ocean view (literally a 5inch obstructed view of the ocean) with 1 King and a very very uncomfortable pull out bed. We asked several times to change rooms to get what we paid for with a consistent response that nothing was avail. We spoke to our representative, who said they would speak to the resort and I trust that she did as our room service came by and said she heard we were moving (which we were not told - called front desk to confirm to be told once again they have no rooms available for us). With regards to housekeeping, they did not clean our room 2 days out of our entire stay - when we called to ask for clean towels, They said they would send someone right away - no one ever came. We had to leave the room, find a house keeping staff and ask for towels. When the room was cleaned - old cups (very clear they were old) and plates were never removed - we had to remove and discard ourselves daily. The room it's self was dark and dingy (very poor lighting) and was covered in ants. There was no room for luggage off the floor without stealing space from the small bar counter. The main TV was situated in an angle that was not easy to view and was on a small table which made the TV very wobbly. Internet was good and room had a safe. Room did not come with any shampoos or body wash etc so bring your own. Bar fridge was not always stocked. 2. Staff: although most of the staff seemed nice, majority of them seemed very inexperienced in hospitality or inexperienced in what they were responsible for, and also seemed to have a lack of knowledge with regards to the resort. One staff member would tell us one thing (ie this restaurant is open for lunch - and when we get there - they are in fact closed) - this happened consistently which impacted our time - as we were left running from one location to another to figure things out on our own. Our personal concierge was very focused on trying to get us to have breakfast with her for our entire stay so she could sell us on time share. When we declined. We got a lot of attitude from her for the duration of our stay. Seemed she was only concerned to sign us up as she got a credit. We had to sneak around to deal with another concierge. When we called for a wake up call on our last day (we never got one) - when we called the front desk to see what happened they simply said they were not advised and gave severe attitude like it was our fault. In the restaurants they did not have paper menus and everything was QR code - when we asked staff for a paper menu - we got a lot of attitude. A lot of the wait staff (not all) seemed very in experienced and were rude at times. 3. Restaurants: the food quality was horrible. Not a lot of variety and simply tasted bad. A lot of menu items were not available. As an example when we ordered the chicken cutlet with cheese and tomato sauce from the Italian restaurant we were first given a chicken cutlet with no cheese or tomato sauce. The second time we ordered it, we got a grilled chicken breast with a risotto (actually only thing that tasted okay but completely something different to what we ordered). The beef lasagna tasted so bad (tasted like old dog food as the meat). Italian food was not real Italian, nor was their Asian cuisine. We also paid for dinner on the beach (nice experience) but not the best food. We paid extra for lobster (a lot more) and got 3 various sized half lobster tails which were vastly over cooked and over salted. The kids options were the exact same regardless where you went (spaghetti, I think pizza, chicken nuggets and fries) - dessert was the same everywhere and every day - small bite size cake pieces (always the same options), cookies and fruit - nothing spectacular. Their crème brûlée at the beach dinner was not a crème brûlée - it was a hard custard. 4. Actual resort: when we first arrived, the resort looked beautiful and stunning with a small pool in the front. What we noticed after, was that this was the actual main pool (super small for size of resort) - which was super small. That said the main pool was rarely busy as most people were in their walk up pools located around the entire resort. The beach was also very nice. The resort however looked very poorly maintained - looks like it's a 20 year old resort. The main gourmet booth (oceans) was never open. The main buffet (palms) was also rarely opened - and only lunch options were Garfield's (very dry jerk chicken) or west end (which had a very limited menu). The other option was room service which was again horrible in terms of service and quality of food. It took 2hours to get food and quality was just super poor. The pizza from room service was worst than a frozen McCain pizza. The lounge chairs around the main pool were rarely cleaned and was missing for an entire day. 5. Children friendliness: The resort caters to adults mainly - there is really no entertainment for kids. Evening entertainment was poor / basic. Lots of weed smoking around property. Food is not catered to kids. 6. Other guests: in speaking with many other guests - every single one gave exact same review so very surprised that the reviews online were good. One guest said their room flooded and when they told front desk they were told to close the window (which was never opened). We spoke to maybe 6-7 other guests during our stay - and Complained about room, service and food quality. Again, we are not trying to be hard as we understand this is not a 1st world country / but given the price we paid, and given our experience in travel - it was definitely one of the worst resorts in our opinion. Highly highly don't recommend. Honestly there were 2 staff members (our bellhop and one sever who made the stay good). The landscaping on the property is very nice - but all other elements need big improvements. Ps. If your allergic to cats - be careful and this resort has about 10-15 cats wondering all around.

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