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Le Plaza Hotel
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My experience in Haiti with Le Plaza Hotel

, Montreal, QC
The Hotel was amazing. The Food very good. The service now that is a different story. A few servers gave us good service especially once they received there gratuity. Before that hard to receive a smile. At the reception The ladies Tums up. The gentlemen OK. Mind u the Staff in general did there job amazingly.
What bothered me the most. The hotel has no excursion desk and the front desk cannot tell us any information.
Except to use there taxi and that at an ex orbiting price. Taxi to go to Mahoo beach for instance a 45 minute drive was asking 200 American dollars return We managed to bring it down to 150 but decided to search ourselves since the desk was no help.
Finally the security guard found us a gentlemen at 100 American dollars.
Still pricey but we had no choice.
To encourage customers to come back they need put pressure on the city to clean around the hotel. So much garbage all over the place. the park in front of the hotel filled with garbage at every turn. I've never seen so much. Even though the hotel was very clean the first impression when we walked out the doors. omg what mess. I believe the hotel should at least make sure that around their hotel is presentable. It is their business and they should lobby the government to clean up the city of the garbage. We seen garbage trucks around but not picking up anything. Sad.
Would I stay at the hotel again. Not really because of the garbage around and the lack of excursion desk and they did not have any exchange currency available. We had to walk to the small grocery store.
The food now that was the best part.
We seen a few bugs in the room, not small ones either. that needs to be fumigated. The Ants are roaming free in the bathroom. This is suppose to be a four star as they show at the front desk.
the decor was exceptional, the pool amazing and the restaurant except the the leaky roof every time it rains, not interesting when we eat. was good.
I realize it is a poor country but garbage all over is no excuse. The businesses needs to get together and force the government to do there job.
The two beaches we managed to see that we organized ourselves were good but rocky bottom. The desk should have told us what beach to go to, when we ask they said to speak to taxi. again no help [Details]
  • Room
  • Quality - Price
  • Front desk & Reception
  • Beaches
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The strong points
Pool and grounds inside hotel
The weak points
the garbage all over the streets and parks around the hotel. no excursion desk and no knowledge of front desk to direct us to beautiful places. when we ask them to find us a better price they said they do not interfere with taxi dealings with cs.

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