Coyaba Beach Resort

Coyaba Beach Resort
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, St Johns, NL
We enjoyed every minute at Coyaba. Coyaba means heaven or paradise and it truly is a little bit of heaven.The staff there were amazing - friendly, courteous, pleasant and made you feel so very welcome.The resort is very clean, beautiful and well maintained. The beach is incredible and there were always chairs available to sit in the sun or the shade. The staff, all of them, seemed very proud of their island (and they have every right to be) but they also were obviously proud of the resort and made every effort to ensure we had a comfortable, relaxing stay. I highly recommend Coyaba Beach Resort. It is wonderful in every way. [Details]
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The strong points
The amazing staff and the beautiful surroundings as well as the cleanliness of the resort.
The weak points
I cannot think of any weak point

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