Puerto Plata

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#3 Vh Gran Ventana
#3 Vh Gran Ventana
Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic
1054 reviews
Our stay at VH Gran Ventana
We upgraded to the royal package 3 adults and 2 kids. The Royal package is well worth the extra money. You get better rooms. VIP lounge, premium beach towels that get changed everyday, butler service on the beach, private beach section with private beach bar, Unlimited a la carte dinning, and bell hop to take your luggage to your rooms for you etc. ROOMS: the rooms were a good size, not too small and you dont spend a lot of time in the room anyways. We left our bags unlocked all the time, we just left our passports and money in the safe and never had an issue with anything being taken or missing. We got never bath towels everyday if you ask for the room to be made up and the room would be cleaned and made up. Never saw any bugs in the rooms. TV worked well and had a few english channels. Good water pressure and always had hot water. FOOD: with the royal package you could get room service but we never did. The buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner was hit and miss. Most of the food tasted very good but not much variety for what we are use to with other resorts. Lots of the same food was served everyday for example stewed white beans was served every dinner at the buffet. All the grill stations are amazing! The a la carte dinners are all very good. The Octupous one was by far all our favorite one. Steak is amazing at all of them and cesear salad is great. We all had a hard time finding drinks that we liked or that wasnt too strong. If you dont like strong drinks ask for a little bit of booze and they will put less in. BEACH: The private beach is amazing, very clean and the bali beds are great. If you want a spot at the beach with a bali bed you have to go put towels down between 7am and 730am. If not you wont get a spot. The water at the beach can be calm and it can be rough and very strong. Depending on how windy it is the water can go from very shallow to very deep within minutes. If you have little kids i would suggest not leaving them alone in the water as it can become dangerous quickly. There is a life gaurd on duty but he doesnt watch the private area as much. There seems to be a very strong pull in the water near the reefs which seems to become a rip or swell and will pull you and is very strong. My kids are great swimmers and are 10 and 12 and was concerning for them on certain days here in the water. Lots of fish to see near the reefs...bring bread down and feed them they will swim even between your legs and feet. Very cool! My kids loved it. Water is pretty warm and the sand is beautiful. Go early in the morning down the beach and you will find lots of shells. Lots of spots in the water that dont have coral or rocks for good swimming. There are vendors at the beach but if you just say no thank you most will just leave you alone. Only a few dont take no for an answer. We met a vendour on the beach. Tall man with a blue jays baseball cap. His name is pedro martinez, he sells jewellery. We became friends with him and he isnt pushy at all. He is a very sweet kind man and would come visit us everyday to see how we were doing. Please find him and say hello. My family will always remember him! POOL: the pool is very clean and a nice swim up bar. When we went it wasnt too busy until all the college students came and took over the pool. They were very loud so we decided to stay at the beach specially with having kids with us. It becomes very hot at the pool and at the beach there is a nice breeze. ENTERTAINMENT: Warning if you like things to do and to keep busy this resort is not for you. There is a mall which is a 5 min walk from the resort but a lot of the stores sell all the same things. The entertainment at night is beyond terrible. I hate making bad comments but it really wasnt good at all. They try hard but the quality is just not there. I love entertainment at night and even with reading the reviews i didnt listen. The reviews are very accurate! The best thing they had was silent disco which was amazing. They had a beach party on thursday but we were too tired to go as we had just arrived that day. STAFF: we had no issues with any of the staff here. They are all very friendly, sweet and caring people. Everywhere i went the staff would say hello or nod at me and ask me how i am. I never felt unsafe nor did my children. Moat of the staff all speak english, french and spanish. The staff at the private beach are great..they go above and beyond for you. All the staff work very hard and long hours. Please be kind! Overall its a good resort, very quiet and be good for couples with younger children or retirement age due to the lack of things to do. Would my family go back to this resort, no due to the lack of things to do and not enough variety of food.

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