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#1 Hotel Rancho Luna
#1 Hotel Rancho Luna
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Not the best
Staff. Most of the staff barely spoke English which made it challenging to communicate. The rooms are run down, the wall was falling apart under the window. Missing fire extinguishers in the hallway. Stairs with chunks of concrete missing and rebar showing. Paint splatters all over the plants from the recent paint job. You can't relax by the pool as the loud music is on the entire time the pool is open. They also do shows but they are 80% in Spanish so I never really knew what was going on. I get that this is Cuba and the language is Spanish but they cater to so many foreigners that I was hoping the base English would be better. They don't really check for bracelets at the bars or buffet. I watched a person wear long sleeve shirt getting served and he wasn't staying at the resort. He drank all night and dined in the dining room. The food is what you expect. Nothing great. The way they arranged the buffet seemed to be to limit the easy flow as everyone is bunched together in small areas whereas before it was a long line in the middle. Not sure why they changed it as this is not effective. The buffet never opened on time. True it was only normally five minutes or so but it was consistent. Three dishes of same thing to make it look like a lot No veggies other than cucumbers Once dessert was cleared it was barely ever refilled. This happened often. There were days no butter for toast…. I asked once what a meat was in the dining room I was told beef, it turns out it was liver…..luckily I like liver. No soda water anywhere on resort. Water, pop and booze and water was hard to get. The juices they served were from bags, not fresh. This seems to be common to most resorts though. There is one area on the resort that is not all inclusive., right at the beach front. The bathroom nearest the buffet dining area was out of toilet paper more often than not for women. Different bars serve different drinks at different times. The cups are tiny. Bring something to have them put your drink in or you are forever going to the bar. The open air hallways have these posts running through them which the birds sit on. I know to a degree it can't be helped but the amount of bird poop on them is quite gross. The shows at night were super loud. Could clearly hear them in my room. I honestly thought the person next door to me was blaring their TV until I stepped in the hallway and realized it was coming from the main lounge. Heard from several people no water pressure on second floor, seemed ok on first floor. Also my travel buddy only managed 3 hot showers in the two weeks we were there, the rest were luke warm to cold. Many men complained they were frequently approached asking if they want “girlfriend”. If you want something cheap, not fancy and where you can sit on a beach, if you are ok with the fleas this is a great spot. As mentioned don't put your lounger near the trees as the local women sit there and talk while they wait for men. Over all I wouldn't recommend this place at all. The beach is nice, full of sand fleas. Don't try to climb the lifeguard tower that has/had a metal ladder. I did one morning before they unlocked the loungers and the ladder broke when I tried to get down dumping me on the sand. The scenery was really nice. Temperature was terrific. I don't plan on returning.

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