Ramada Inn on the Bay

Ramada Inn on the Bay
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Not the greatest experience

, Belleville, ON
I stayed here with a friend of mine, nothing seamed to work as it should, the elevator buttons did not light up when you pressed them, there was only one elevator so when it was check out there was a really long wait time. The rooms were standard, having a view of the bay was wonderful. The beds were not comfortable at all, and I was wishing for a better bed on the second night when I woke up with a very stiff back. The couch's springs were spent and you sunk into the couch making it very difficult to be comfortable to watch TV. The rooms were so hot at night we ended up taking off the covers, and there was no way to reduce the heat in the room or turn on the air conditioner. There was only one plug that was semi accessible in the room if you had an extension cord, you could use it. The breakfast was pretty good, though on our last day there they didn't have the buffet breakfast, so we had to order it from the staff there which wasn't bad. Their coffee is awful better to walk across the street to the Tim Hortons. They shut down the indoor pool for the summer and have the outdoor pool open year round, which would be great if it were heated! It was so cold I couldn't stay in it very long, and I swim in lakes, so cold waters I'm used to but this was just to cold to stay in. I realize this is early for the summer being May, but you should at least have the indoor pool open for customers to use until the outdoor pool is warm enough. One good thing is the staff is very accommodating and friendly, I liked working with them very much. Price of the hotel was good. [Details]
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The strong points
Very friendly staff beautiful view of the bay from the rooms and restaurants Large meeting rooms Clean hotel Pool, Exercise Rooms, Air Hockey and Pool table, Sauna
The weak points
Tiny washroom Old bed, not comfortable at all Couch springs are caput and you will sink (we used the bed pillows to stop us from sinking) Bad coffee Elevator needs work (floor numbers don't light up) Outdoor pool not heated WIFI was really slow

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