Nonsuch Bay Resort

Nonsuch Bay Resort
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Beautiful resort

, Niagara Falls, ON
Nonsuch Bay is a beautiful quiet resort. This place is not a party hotel. No evening entertainment. We are in our 40's and the guests were the same age as us or older. A lot of British guests. The beach is small and hard to really swim in. Sailing at this resort is great. Great bunch of staff teaching you to sail. We loved it. Green island is great. Snorkeling wasn't that great but all around nice place to enjoy the beach. Food to us was great. Dinner was a hit or miss with regards to temperature of food but tasted great. Take some day trips to the Caribbean side of the island. Torqoise coloured water ...what an amazing view. If renting a car, as a Canadian we did not need an international drivers license. [Details]
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The strong points
The resort is perfect if your Looking to relax and get away from everyday stresses. We were in hurricane season so the resort was quiet...perfect for us.
The weak points
The beach at the resort is not great.

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