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Reviews by authenticated and certified true Canadian Travellers

Passengers who have purchased their trip from a participating Canadian travel agency, either online through the agency's site or by asking your travel agent to add you email at the time of booking, will receive, upon return, a form through one of our secure email servers which asks them to rate and to offer feedback on the destination just visited. Since this information comes directly from the reservation, travellers are unable to change either the dates or the name of the hotel for another choice. We can therefore guarantee that the information gathered is from a journey that has actually taken place in the said hotel.

Reviews by Canadian travellers for Canadian travellers

Having bought travel packages available from a departing Canadian city that correspond to the quality standards and expectations of Canadians, and that are sold only by Canadian suppliers through Canadian travel agencies.

A Canadian independent company ensuring the objectivity of the data is a division of Softvoyage Inc. Since 1987, Softvoyage delivers innovative and robust IT solutions for the travel industry. Softvoyage solutions enable the management and the distribution of travel services for hundreds of North-American Travel Agencies, Tour Operators & consolidators, and Travel Suppliers. This makes Softvoyage, the most important travel technology provider in Canada, thereby guaranteeing in itself, thereby ensuring objectivity in the transmission of its systems' data.


A butterfly that migrates in groups of millions, over thousands of kilometers, twice a year, an exploit not achieved by any other species. This butterfly migrates from Canada to Mexico where they reproduce every year.

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